Staff Directory

Pierce Middle School Staff  Contact Information


Principal,   ext. 1655

Christine Hofer


Assistant Principal ext 1656

Eddie Latour


Secretary to the Principal  ext 1661

Donna Ablett


Front Office ext 1659

Dawn Ferris


Counselor  ext 1677

Heather Barlow


Counselor ext 1676

Amy Macey


Intervention Specialist ext 1679

Leslie Leemgraven


Counseling Secretary ext 1675

Pat Suvoy


Media Specialist  ext 1686

Hubbard, Tanya


Media Aide ext 1687

Dyer, Susan


Bacolor, Richard ext 1609  Science


Bates, Brian  ext 1712 Computers


Beattie, Nancy  ext 1722  Reading


Beck, Dana   ext 1771  Speech


Beydoun, Teresita   ext 1718  Language Arts


Buehner, Christopher  ext 1617  Social Studies


Coon, Rebecca  ext 1729  Student Services


Workman, Jill  ext 1703  Science


Daye, Jennifer   ext 1730  Student Services


deMauriac, Michelle   ext 1601  Science


Denton, Patricia    ext 1613  Language Arts


Doherty, Amy    ext 1708  Social Studies


Drotos, Tracey    ext 1731    Student Services


Dudek, Valerie  ext 1706  Science


Duperron, Elizabeth  ext 1713    Language Arts


Dyer, Bill   ext 1616   Math


Edwards, Scott   ext 1715   Social Studies


Gach, Sarah Jayne   ext 1707   Social Studies


Gonzalez, Rick   ext 1719   Math


Gonzalez, Tracey   ext 1709    Math


Gulick, Brian    ext 1721    Social Studies


Houttekier, George   ext 1623  Physical Education


Hullinger, Scott   ext 1603   Art


Kuksa, Jan   ext 1625  PAI - Math & Science


Kus, Christina   ext 1705 PAI - Language Arts & Science

Lucius, Edward  ext 1626  Band


Ostdiek, Amy    ext 1611


Papas, Arietta   ext 1728  Student Services


Pendergrass, Gayle   ext 1615  Social Studies


Ponder, Jenifer  ext 1711  Social Studies

Reed, Shivon ext 1723 Language Arts

Roth, Jeffrey


Schwemmin, Mary   ext 1621  Physical Education


Triolet, William  ext 1612  Language Arts

Trost, Erin  ext 1602   Science

Vanbuskirk, Emily   ext 1732   Student Services

Wells, Jennifer  ext 1714   Spanish

Williams, Michelle  ext 1604  Band/Music Appreciation

Wilson, Barbara  ext 1614  Math

Zolynsky, Lori  ext 1702   Math